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Noisey Jamaica II - Jesse Royal - Episode 3/6

Jesse Royal is one of Jamaica's most important and charismatic new stars. In this episode we follow him to his farm in the hills with his friend Walshy Fire, who earlier this year collaborated on a mixtape with the young artist.


Meet the Millennial Musicians Behind Jamaica’s New Movement

" I’m here for something I have read about but not yet seen. After more than two decades of being dismissed as music for parents and tourists, roots reggae is relevant again in Jamaica. A group of young artists is repopularizing the genre in a new wave that has been named the Reggae Revival...

...Between the established acts (Johnny Clarke, Sizzla) were artists from the Revival: Jah9, a vocalist from the western edge of the island; Jesse Royal, a singer from Maroon Town; and Kabaka Pyramid, a songwriter from Kingston. Though they had cultivated lyrical styles all their own, the Revival musicians were marked by an unmistakable restraint, seriousness, and potency not shared by their elder counterparts. When Raging Fyah, a young five-piece band that came up through Edna Manley College’s School of Music in Kingston (“the Juilliard of Jamaica,” as it is often described), had begun to play sometime around 3:00 a.m., the whole crowd was drawn to its feet in a visible wave, like fallen dominoes getting up again. "

Mark & Jem in the Morning: Jesse Royal Talk Maroon Heritage, Marijuana

Legalization & More

The "Small Axe" Jesse Royal stopped by the Morning Show to chat it up with Mark & Jem about Music, Heritage and MUCH MORE....

Wise Words from a Rastaman

I Never Knew Tv had the honor of linking up with Jesse Royal after his last show during his recent North American tour. During this clip of 'Jesse Royal speaks about being patient with others and the our relationship with the universe.

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